by Sara Murray

<meta charset: heterosexual>
<dating app= “match”>

<identity=”attractive woman/young” identity=”attractive man/young”>

<stage=”flirtation” CONTENT=”exchange numbers”>

<stage=”get drinks” CONTENT=”get drunk”>
<stage=“have sex” CONTENT=“use protection”>
<stage=”regular sex” CONTENT=”plus one to party”>
</dating app= “deleted”>

<stage=”meet friends” CONTENT=”get approval”>
<stage=”woman orgasms” /error/finally/ CONTENT=”woman gets feelings”>
<stage=”man enjoys cuddling”/error/unmasculine/
CONTENT=”man gets feelings”>

<milestone=”facebook status” CONTENT=”in a relationship”>
<milestone=“move in together” CONTENT= “argue over furniture”>

<milestone=”say I love you” CONTENT=”over text”>
<milestone=”say I love you” CONTENT=”face to face”>

<stage=”happiness” CONTENT=“contentment”>
<stage=”co-dependence” CONTENT=”resentment”>
<stage=”weight gain” CONTENT=”discontentment”>
<stage=”meet parents” CONTENT=”resentment”>
<stage=”infidelity” CONTENT=”argument”>

<milestone=”on a break” CONTENT=”seeing other people”>
<stage=”remove facebook status” CONTENT=”single”>
<milestone= “move out of shared flat”>

<dating app= “redownloaded”>

<stage=”give back old t shirt” CONTENT=”unwashed”>
<stage=”smell the t shirt” CONTENT=”cry”>
<milestone= “official break up” CONTENT=“ERROR/incompatible/”>

<error= “drunk text”>
<rebound= “friend of a friend”>
<milestone= “indifference”>
<rebooting system>

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