Common Misconception

it’s frequently misconstrued
that when trauma happens, you know it.
there’s not a doubt in your mind, no uncertainty of any kind
that you’ve become a victim of a terrible crime.
it’s easily misunderstood
that rape is a violent act, not an event you forget.
it should weigh heavy on your shoulders, from the street to the station
whilst you ready yourself for a thorough interrogation.
it’s a common misconception
that one is innocent until proven guilty, not vice versa.
this one is tricky, not necessarily untrue
but what the public rejects as evidence
is usually the truth.

surely, you’d remember it?
surely, you would’ve been hurt?
surely, you should’ve reported it?
you’ve left it a bit late now.
dug yourself a hole
nasty little girl.
doesn’t like to lose a fight,
needs to play the victim,
to satisfy her spite
despite being filled in more ways than one
despite having it replay in my head every day for months
despite knowing after that something was very wrong
nothing really clicked
until years later on.

by Rachel Gambling

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