Plenty More Fish in the Sea

I want to shake her
when she surfaces, coughing,
my whole body shakes
when she dives again
exhaling yes like they will give her breath
I say no as if I could slow her fall.

She dives as if the goal is to reach the ocean floor
and each time I try to say beware.
But down she dives to promises of oxygen
expecting their breath, because she offers hers,
down to sting rays who appear no threat
from above, down to those
who are interested as long as it’s convenient,
down past comfort to a murkiness
my eyes can’t penetrate.

No, no, better by far here in the cold salty air,
just you against the sky
sometimes even upping the courage to
snorkel, gazing at the colours playing far off below.
I watch her submerge
Because I can’t picture ever being offered breath, or truths, or
anything, really.
And because I know,
or I believe, and I can’t disprove,
that this fish’s heart only has one fall in it.

by Rosie S.

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