Better an Empty House


This house

Is empty there is no

Tenant here they’ve left you left

First but left the door open

In case you’d come back and you

Did, shield yourself from the

Downpour I slammed it shut and Now I,

Even I no longer stay there. Gave it up, put it for

Rent, sick of the showers that leak down

From wonky tiles, my leaky ceiling, filled with the

Trip trap trip trap under this bridge

And shit what the fuck. I HAVE WANDERED

into the empty house;

And you’re sat on the carpet again

Legs crossed,

Mangy stray that wanders back

With muddy footprints

That can’t come out of the carpet

You’ve torn up.
I want to do many things

Spring clean,

Change the locks

But I won’t;

How could I?

by Milaina Penzer

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