She Dyed

she dyed

her hair


No one would know that yesterday it was


Unless they saw her

yesterday,                 of course,

or saw her facebook or instagram or snapchat live stream of the dying process which was

also shared to youtube.

she dyed

her hair


Brown haired Amanda

is gone!!!        #newhair #whodis

all traces of the dye will be lost

after 5-7 washes, but

for that intermediate time,

Amanda    is    dead.

Enter    pink        haired        chick

she’s cool

rose toned, pink grapefruit scented, exotic because she knows words like ‘ombre’ and ‘balayage’, pastel mermaid instant princess blonde highlighted shade fade girl

Amanda    who?

she dyed around 21:03        look it up

pink    haired    chick        wears all of Amanda’s clothes

goes to all Amanda’s classes in the mud brown humanities building and says “hi, sorry I’m late, sir,” when she enters a seminar last but is not at all late because the seminar shouldn’t start until half past two and she cringes on the word sir because she remembers she’s

not    at    school    anymore!

sits at the first seat she comes too and winces as it squeaks under her (over) weight but it’s too late she couldn’t, no, can’t, change chairs now, and she lets her hair hang like a veil as she delves into her bag for her supplies

Amanda dyed

but pink    haired    chick

looks just like her

and rubs Lush bubblegum sugar scrub on her lips for the duration of 50minute lectures and people don’t look notice,

no one stares    like she’d stared at the girls in high school who’d tap on the pink toned scented sand then dab their rose mermaid tongues across the saturated surface (leave for 20minutes to develop) and boys would ask to borrow it but then not put it on their own mouths but the angel smooth surface of the girls parted lips then     lick    it    off!!!

Amanda’s mum said £5 for a tub of

grainy     pink     gunk is childish.

Aloe vera is all my mother ever used.

You only want it because you can eat it, Amanda’s brother sniggered, fatty,fatty,fatty,fatty

But Amanda


Pink    haired        girl

doesn’t care    what people think, doesn’t care doesn’t even fucking care when they

laugh and poke fun or even when they

don’t laugh or poke fun or     even    fucking        notice at all

doesn’t give a     flying fuck.         They will notice

there’s a new girl in the seminar group            (new girls are supposed to be hot and                                                                                                         exciting a cute boy will scribble me a note on a scrap of lined paper to meet him by the lockers)

why has no one noticed

Amanda dyed.

Pink haired chick is sitting in her chair with pink hair and pink sugar scrub and a laminated pink folder with a button that goes pop! when opened or closed like the noise of cherry flavoured lollipops popping red and ripe from between a sweet girl’s lips

Amanda had never popped cherries    but

Pink haired chick

flicks her rose scented cherry pop fairy dust angel kiss locks over her shoulder accidentally-on-purpose hitting the boy with the shoes

eye contact

pink haired chick blushes like Amanda but         noticednoticednoticednoticednoticed

doesn’t blink

the folder pops!



By Vicki Simons

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