How to Break Into Screenwriting

Screenwriting is a discipline most of us are unacquainted with before going to university. You may have a sound knowledge of film or television, know your Vertigos from your Borgens or your Mudbounds, and never have encountered a single screenplay. This is normal. Starting-out in screenwriting only requires ideas, and the drive and imagination to visualise them. Continue reading

Golden Boy

How do you store light the way everyone else only stores life
How have you trapped the heat of a thousand suns
When I can only hold on to the warmth of one
And how did you create this magic field
And when did you become my angelic shield
And how do you fend of the demons that I didn’t know I didn’t need
Did you know you do all that whilst the rest of us merely breathe
There is so much magic circling your palms
But I pray it’s only me who is captivated by your charm
And If you stay a while, I promise I’ll help you hide
It’s really fucking selfish, but it’s so that no one else finds out
That under that smile is the source of our light, and a secret gold mine.

by Taran Cheema

Preti Taneja’s We That Are Young

We That Are Young is the debut novel from Warwick academic and human rights activist Preti Taneja. The novel is a modern reworking of Shakespeare’s King Lear, transplanting the tragedy from the castles of Medieval Britain into the meeting rooms of the hospitality industry in modern day India. It was awarded the Desmond Elliott Prize for new fiction in 2018. Continue reading