Juice Pulp

There’s a bitter taste in my mouth, weighing heavy on my tonguelike my heart against my ribs,like the kind that is swiped from lips after drinking juice,thick in the morning as it swirls in the glass, pulp falling to the bottom, in its sodden state. The taste of juice in the morning,when your mouth is unclean, and your mind is buzzing, all I hear is … Continue reading Juice Pulp

Where does it take you?

I won’t be found on Broomfield Road, racing through the car park bay.Nor pacing over distant hills,my Darling, I’m a world away. Though onlookers count her present, blind of what’s inside,something in your beady mindbore witness to a change in mine. You see straight through my translucent skin, stretched on its chiselled frame;a window through which tendons, tense,plea to ping ’til the pain’s gone lame. … Continue reading Where does it take you?

Jellyfish Lake

Palau made Eddy Carvajal feel like a giant. Like the world was not a world at all, but this microcosm of land; just three-hundred-and-forty freckles on a cerulean marble. The archipelago itself held so much oceanic treasure that, for a marine biologist, it made a life-long career. This is why she was seriously considering moving here permanently. The trip that her research group was taking … Continue reading Jellyfish Lake