Editorial Team

New editors are selected in term 2. To find out more about the specifics of each editor’s role, click here.


Head Editor Lucy Thorneycroft – Lucy is a second year English Literature student who mainly writes short stories but sometimes ventures into novels, poetry, and scripts. This will be her second year  working on Kamena, and she is excited to work with a new team. When not buried under a pile of books she can be spotted  helping out at local charities, often whilst reading Tartt, Atwood, Steinbeck, at the same time




Publicity Editor Helena Lönnberg – Helena is a Third Year Creative Writing student who spends her designated writing time doing anything but: dipping peanut butter sandwiches into coffee, running off to Paris, and reading everything and nothing. Currently Proust though.






Submissions Editor Micheal James Morgan – Michael James Morgan is a creative writing undergraduate, poet, essayist, activist and student radio presenter. When he’s not drinking soup or cider, he’s probably reading one of his favourite writers, including George Orwell, George RR Martin or Phillip Larkin. A self-desrcribed “Cov Kid” Michael is known for the weird way he pronounces the long A vowel and his political views – both Coventry and his politics often infiltrate his writing in ways that won’t surprise those who have met him.