Please be Reminded that Eye Contact is not Permitted on the Underground

Do you think she stands there just because she can;
To feel the pulling wind of soon arriving trains
Balancing the tightrope of the platforms edge
As she sways to the echoed vibrations?

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The Modern Heretic

Some days I think I might have been a witch.
I have the temperament for one – brooding, meticulous,
able to whip up a potion as easily as winking
in the rusted cauldron that hangs over my firepit,
chattering in the background like an old housewife.
They’d come to my cottage (of course it would be a cottage)
and track mud all over my freshly scrubbed floors
and ask me to fix any number of ills.

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Pilgrims bound by empathy Return to the mines of entropy, Guided by the Godly wisdom Of Corpus Christ’s stockholm syndrome. Sunlight shines just behind The corrupted loom of woodland, And canopies shade the soil From what the clarity would lend. By the charity of bondage They weigh every next decision. Nearing an open clearing, Their minds are forcefully undressed, And visions rhyme out As they … Continue reading Sense