What do the editors do?

There are currently three editors running Kamena magazine. All three positions are voted in during Writing Society elections, which occur at the end of term 2. Any member of Writing Society can vote and/or run for election. Each team of editors can choose to change the roles based around the experience of each editor or the functionality of the group as a team.

At the moment, the roles are:

Head Editor

The head editor is the leader of the team. Current tasks include:

  • Forming the yearly timetable of deadlines, internal and external
  • Designing and typesetting print copies
  • Organising printing and distribution of print copies
  • Assigning editorials for each edition
  • Selecting and liaising with the guest editor
  • Being the primary point of contact within Writing Society for issues concerning the magazine (in particular, budgets)

Publicity Editor

The publicity editor maintains the digital aspect of the magazine, including:

  • Posting magazine pieces to the website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Maintaining the website (updating header images, widgets, and out of date pages)
  • Attracting new members and submissions by advertising on relevant platforms

Submissions Editor

The submissions editor is the primary point of call for all things surrounding submissions:

  • Sending acceptance and rejection emails
  • Collating editorial feedback upon request


All editors also provide an editorial per edition, read and vote on all submissions, and proofread the edition before it goes to print. Any additional tasks (eg: one-off events such as filming) are allocated within the team and are ultimately up to the discretion of the head editor.