Submissions Open!

Aaaaand we’re back in the new academic year (and with new editors) for a new round of submissions ready for edition 18!Submissions are open up until Wednesday 23rd November!☔︎︎You can send anything under the following subsections to our email▸ poetry – up to 70 lines, and we accept multiple submissions! any concrete poems (objects composed of words) should be sent in 12pt Garamond where … Continue reading Submissions Open!

Cream in your evening chai 

Lollipop, candy, gold, a quick sugar rush, The strands of our hair to be properly brushed  Cover, conceal, hide behind our culture and ‘tahzeeb’,Shy, pretty, attractive but also not easy to concede  And yet not too confident to be able to breach,The kind of vibe they approve of has to not have ‘excess’ self esteem  These rules and traditions that you set in your little cobblestone,Premeditated … Continue reading Cream in your evening chai 

Where does it take you?

I won’t be found on Broomfield Road, racing through the car park bay.Nor pacing over distant hills,my Darling, I’m a world away. Though onlookers count her present, blind of what’s inside,something in your beady mindbore witness to a change in mine. You see straight through my translucent skin, stretched on its chiselled frame;a window through which tendons, tense,plea to ping ’til the pain’s gone lame. … Continue reading Where does it take you?