Submission Guidelines

Prose: between 100 and 2,000 words. Fiction and non-fiction both accepted, though specify which your piece is in your submission email/on the form.

Poetry: up to 70 lines. Multiple submissions accepted. Concrete poems should be sent in 12pt Garamond where possible.

Artwork: any kind of art, so long as the scan or photo is clean. If you are submitting a series that encompasses several pieces, please state so clearly. Photography is accepted.

You may submit two pieces per category per edition. You can submit multiple categories of work per edition (for example, two poems, two art pieces, and two short stories). However, we will only print one piece per person per edition, regardless of category. If you have pieces in the backlog, you may still submit a new piece for the next edition.

Work that does not fall into any of the categories above may be submitted, however it may be rejected if the editors feel that it does not fit with the tone of the magazine.

We aim to respond to submissions within a week of the submission deadline. If you have not heard back within this time, let us know. We offer feedback upon request, and any piece that has been rejected in the past may be resubmitted. We highly encourage requesting feedback.

We accept work from current Warwick students as well as individuals not associated with the university. If you are a student, please state so in your submission or send it from your University of Warwick email adress (

Please email all submissions to

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